Which materials are used in thatching?

We use combed wheat, long wheat straw and water reed. To learn more about these materials, take a look here

Why should I consider a thatched roof?

Simply put, they look wonderful, adding a great deal of character. They also have a long lifespan (with some varieties lasting 50-60+ years), making a thatched roof a fantastic investment. Furthermore, they're very effective in keeping out water!

How much will a thatched roof cost?

Pricing will be given on application, but the cost will depend on the size of the roof, the work required and your material of choice. However, at SJ Eccles, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible value for money, along with quality workmanship.

Will my thatched roof hold its value in years to come?

Yes. In fact, thatched homes typically fetch higher prices than comparable properties with slate or tile roofs.

Is thatched roofing only for domestic properties?

Thatched roofing is an equally attractive option for many commercial premises such as hotels, restaurants and shops. It's a great way to stand out from your competitors and attract more footfall to your business.