You can expect a thatched roof to last for a long time, with some varieties lasting for 60 years or more, but if you own an older property, the time may be right to get the thatch replaced.

Thatching is one of the more durable roofing materials available, but it can eventually succumb to decay. The damage will not only detract from the character and appearance of your property, but will also leave it exposed to the elements. 

If you spot signs of wear and tear on your thatched roof, it's worth calling in the professionals for a second opinion. SJ Eccles & Sons Master Thatchers have re-thatched all manner of properties from small cottages to large period homes. 

We can fully or partially re-thatch your property to a high standard, at a competitive price. To ensure the safety of your roof, we recommend and provide a number of effective fireproofing solutions, including aluminium barrier foil, thatchbatts and fire retardant spray. Click here to learn more about our fire protection products

Sometimes, the most cost effective option would be to have the roof re-thatched from start to finish. We pride ourselves on offering a transparent service, making clients aware of all the options they have, allowing them to make an informed decision. 


We're committed to providing the highest standards of workmanship with every project. 

If you're considering have your roof re-thatched, your first step should be to give SJ Eccles & Sons a call. We're confident we can restore your roof to its former splendour, at the right price.