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SJE & Sons Master Thatchers provide all types of Thatched Roof Repairs & Maintance across Rutland

We offer thatched roof repairs and maintenance services using Water reed and straw. Thatch roof maintenance is essential. Your thatched roof may not require a full rethatch, but instead, require maintenance such as a ridge and repair, moss removal, repairs. Also vermin can damage your thatched roof.


Local Thatched Roof Repairs & Maintanance In Rutland


 Most common causes of thatched roof damage include:


  • Birds and small animals
  • Fire
  • Leaks
  • Moss & Lichen
  • Nature & Mother Nature



What work will a thatcher carry out to maintain my roof?

Your thatcher may suggest a variety of solutions, from minor repairs or a complete re-thatch, depending on your roof’s condition.

Re-ridging involves removing any wire netting from the ridge, taking out the old materials and adding fresh ridging.

Cement flashing is usually replaced on re-ridging. Lead flashing lasts longer and may not need replacing each time.

‘Dressing up’ when thatch has come away from its fixings can be done after this stage. The thatch will be levelled and secured.

Brushing down can be done next – this means removing loose materials and moss.

Patching can be done to repair isolated holes either on the ridge or coatwork.

Moss Removal Involes scraping all the moss from your thatched roof or be sprayed with copper sulphate.



How do I maintain my thatched roof?

  • Keep a close eye on your thatch, particularly around winter
  • Ensure that the thatch can dry well, so remove any trees or vegetation hindering exposure to the sun and wind or preventing rain from running off
  • Don’t let anyone damage it by placing ladders against it or walking on it
  • Discourage rodents by keeping food (such as bird food) away from the exterior your house


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Historically, thatched roofing has been used extensively in home construction, thanks to its style and durability. Today, this iconic, quintessentially English style is enjoying a resurgence, with many homeowners choosing it for their new build properties.

However, the once widely practiced skill of thatching has now become a specialist practice. SJ Eccles and Sons is a family-run business offering professional thatching, incorporating traditional techniques. As independent contractors, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, personal service with the very best in workmanship and value for money. We can lend our services to a wide range of thatching projects across the UK.





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